Top 10 Catering Companies: Wedding and Corporate Caterers

If you are planning to organize your event and you do not have enough time in preparing your own list of menus and other things necessary for catering, you can always rely among the top caterers in your local area. The following is a comprehensive list of excellent caterers that you could trust in terms of quality and service:

Astral Catering

Among the front-liners of best catering Houston providers, this provider tops the list because of their dedication towards craft. As years pass by, this caterer is trusted not only by the local customers but also from other cities as well.

The type of food being catered by their excellent staffs are award winning. They ensure that the clients are well assisted especially with their important events. If you want a professional help for your event food customization, you can always contact them.

Official Website – Astral Catering

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Corporate Catering Houston

This catering service provider is focusing more on corporate events. Based on their resume, they have catered huge array of corporate businesses all over the city. They can prepare an impressive business banquet for the corporate events.

You can never go wrong with them if you need corporate event assistance. With their variety of elegant lunches, dinners, cocktails and long list of desserts, sales and business people will always go home happy.

Official Website – Corporate Catering Houston | Contact Info

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 Master Chef Catering

Talking of an award winning caterer, Master Chef has received Planners’ Choice Award for Most Popular Caterers in 2010. This only shows that this provider is really trusted by most event planners and is highly commendable. You will have lots of options especially with packages menus when dealing with them. If you have a big event, they can cater for the maximum of 3, 000 visitors.  They also cater for wedding events, formal gatherings and many more.

Official Website – Master Chef Catering | Contact Info

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Behind the Bash Catering & Events

This catering is being run by competent people who have more than 20 years of experience in the business. Their type of catering is not just the standard one because they want it to be more creative. Getting them is like experiencing a different level of culinary artistry. They always make sure that the foods they deliver are presentable and characterized with harmonizing texture, taste and style. You can visit them at .

Official Website – Behind the Bash Catering & Events | Contact Info

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City Kitchen

This provider is also serving different customers all over the city. They in fact stand on their name which makes them the kitchen of the city. They literally are the city’s kitchen because they have been serving staggering amount of customers for the past years. The range of the service is from wedding events to corporate ones. The main goal of this provider’s team is to provide foods that are pleasurable to eat rather than just something plain and blunt. This business is owned by Scott and Steve who are both experienced in catering services.

Official Website – City Kitchen | Contact Info

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Culinary Art Catering

You can go creative at the same time practical with this caterer. If you are having trouble on how to plan your wedding, open house, luncheon, corporate events and other types of celebration, you can always tap the their supporting people from this award winning catering provider. The team is also composed of highly creative individuals who are specialized in authentic food creations. With the team’s years of experience, your party could never go wrong.

Official Website – Culinary Art Catering | Contact Info

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Andrew Orsmby Catering

This service provider is owned and managed by an Australian trained executive chef named Andrew Ormsby. He has a long   standing experiencing in catering large number of crowd. He resume includes serving banquets for state heads and royalties. With his respected name, the quality of catering that this provider could survive is also belonging to the top tier. Whether it is an elegant cocktail or a simple celebration, Ormsby’s team will always be ready. Plan your special event with them now.

Official Website – Andrew Orsmby Catering | Contact Info

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Cojo Unlimited Catering

If you want a very flexible caterer, this is by far the most dependable provider in Austin. They have 20 years of experience in the catering industry so they basically know what to do with your party. They are also able to customize your private party depending on your budget. What is good about them is they cover rentals, florals, music and even designs. What more can you ask more if you can find different services in a single provider.

Official Website – Cojo Unlimited Catering | Contact Info

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Royal Fig

Going organic for your event? No problem. This caterer will give you the organic food you are craving for in the party you will be holding. This provider prides itself of providing seasonal ingredients that could not be found in any other caterers. Most of all, the food they are serving are fresh. Whether your event is formal or casual, they are always on the go to give you the freshest food in town.

Official Website – Royal Fig | Contact Info

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Dagar’s Catering

When you want to taste the type of catering passed on from one generation to the other, this is the best provider for you. This provider is widely popular in terms of serving sensational food for different associations, hospitals, corporations, universities, public figures and other massive events. Not only that, they can also give service on wedding events as well as social and corporate ones. If you don’t have any idea how to set up those flowers, decors, music and other needs on your event, leave it to them. They will take it over.

Official Website – Dagar’s Catering | Contact Info