Deliver a Lively Swing Dance at the Wedding Reception by Taking Houston, TX Dance Lessons

Enhancing Your Wedding Swing Dance Skills

When you are in the dance floor, you can easily spot the swing dancers because they always wear the biggest smiles while dancing to the beat. Swing is a fun yet fast type of dance. It is being consisted of complex footwork and body movements in order to successfully deliver a good performance. In fact, this type of dance is characterized with lots of throwing, flipping and swinging. Wedding dance always do after wedding meal.

If you want to make your wedding dance floor fun, picking a swing dance is surely not a bad choice. However, not all couples are accustomed to this type of dance. If you think that you have poor skills in dancing to get type of genre, the first thing to do is to enrol in Wedding Swing dance lessons in Houston, TX.

Types of swing dances

Like other types of dances with so many variations, swing has also its cousins as well. The most popular version is the Lindy Hop which is claimed to originate from Harlem. In fact, there are so many workshops all over the country for this type of swing. For dancers who have tavern or club influence, the perfect swing for them are the East Coast version; this version has a little influence of Foxtrot. Other types of swing dance that you can pick are Carolina shag, Boogie woogie, jive, jitterbug and others.  

Music selection for swing dance

According to experts, there is no specific music for swing dance as each version can be danced in any type of music the dancers prefer. Swing dance can be matched with any type of genre ranging from pop, jazz, blues, hip hop, ragtime, rick, funk, R&B and many more. Swings dance is not only danced in fast beat; it can also be danced using a much slower music beat.  

Aside from taking lessons from your dance teacher, you and your soon to be husband should look for locations in your city to practice swing dance. By doing this regularly, you will be more than ready to dance your first wedding dance at the reception.

Learning swing dance for your wedding can be really overwhelming at first. However, instructors are always encouraging their students to continue. The more you practice for this type of dance, the more you become a pro. Wedding Swing dance lessons in Houston, TX will be able to polish your skills in just a matter of weeks or months if your level is already higher beginner.

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