Exploring Clearwater, FL Unique Wedding Venues And Receptions

Options for Totally Unique Wedding Locations

To make the whole wedding event really memorable, choosing out of the box option for your wedding venues should be on top of the list. If you will be tying the knot here in Clearwater, FL, you will have unique and cool options when it comes to locations.

Before you go scouting, think of something unique, creative, different and modern. Here are the best options waiting for you here in Clearwater when it comes to venues:

Converted buildings are breaking barriers as venues. There is no specific requirement for a certain space to become a wedding venue. For as long as it has space, it can be converted into a ceremony or reception venue. Converted buildings have proven to be one of the best arrivals in the world of wedding venues. Most of these empty buildings are previous spaces like factories, warehouse, monastery and etc. Once customized, this type of space becomes really beautiful.

Botanical gardens as beautiful locations for receptions. Who needs to order tons of flowers to decorate your wedding when you can literally have them when you rent a local botanical garden. This type of venue is a beautiful addition to modern options for wedding locations. Gardens are characterized with beautiful greeneries so you will not have any trouble adjusting to its landscape especially if your wedding theme is ethereal.

Romantic weddings on a boat. Florida weddings are not complete if you will not consider having it on a boat. Your reception can be held on a ferry, riverboat, yacht and sailboat. Your guests will surely love this type of reception because this is a rarity when it comes to venue. The best part of this reception type is the sceneries are changing as the time of the day passes by. Holding the reception on a boat does not mean you will go to the high seas; you can simply scale Florida’s Bay Area. Even though you’ve heard this many times, you still want to explore this further. Perhaps because the information related to this topic is easily available. But it’s not simple to find the best content. For more information on this topic, click here.

Hold wedding soiree in a one of Clearwater’s library. If you and your partner are lovers of sophisticated art and beautiful architectural designs, libraries are perfect places as wedding venues. Libraries are also perfect places for photography sessions. If your wedding theme has a classic fuse like The Great Gatsby, libraries are really the best pick as they are mostly historic.

Intimate tree house reception. Aside from botanical gardens, tree houses are also perfect venues if you want the wedding to be intimate and close to nature. Aside from the peaceful and clam place, it will also offer you great view of the area. In the evening, you can invite your guests to have campfire party near the reception area. Actually, this option is really fun because you can go hiking the next day with your selected friends.

All wedding ceremonies and receptions are almost the same. What set ceremonies and receptions apart are the wedding venues chosen by the couple. If you are scouting for locations here in Clearwater, FL, the options above are your best guide.