Points to Take Note When Taking Houston, TX Wedding Salsa Dance Lesson

Things to Remember When Getting Salsa Dance Lesson

wedding-salsa1Have you pondered about your upcoming first wedding dance? If no then you still have plenty of time to think about it. While some couples are choosing foxtrot, cha-cha-cha and other types of dances, there are those who are drawn to the influence of salsa. According to experts, this type of dance is considered as a popular social dance that has originated in New York. While others are still arguing of its main origin, experts are saying that this type of dance has great influence coming from Latin American countries like Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia.

When getting wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, there is the need to always observe the basics. The following are the basics that are being taught by the instructors to the dancers:

Paying attention is important in Salsa

According to salsa dancers, this type of dance is like having a conversation. If you are not listening to your partner’s movement then you will end up responding differently. When you respond differently, the dance will go out of the rhythm. In here, your partner gives the lead by giving you a slight push at your back. The lead that is being delivered to the partner should have an effect on the whole movement. In here, the partner’s follow is as important as the frame of the whole dance. In short, you need to be intuitive.

The partner should always provide corresponding resistance

Dancing to salsa is like following the Law of Physics. In each action of your partner, there should be a reaction on your end too. However, the reaction should come after the signal has been given. Do not react when there is no signal yet to move. The dancers are also advised not to tense up; moreover, you should avoid spaghetti arms. The rule of salsa is to never let go of the fingers of your partner; if you do, it means that are responding poorly. You only let go if your partner decides to do so.

Whether you like it or not, you have no reason to skin the first wedding dance. If you want a more polished wedding reception dance then taking lessons from local dance instructors will help you a lot. Contact the providers of wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX ahead of time so you can schedule practice sessions weeks or months before the wedding date hits.

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